Water Quality

To understand the water quality tests a bit more check out the link below from the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council on Water Quality Monitoring Data Parameters.  A link to summaries of the last three years' water quality test data are also below.   In 2014, we will add testing for E. Coli. 

Missaukee Lake Association has been doing water quality testing since the spring of 2001.  Overall, for a fairly shallow lake, our water quality is quite good. The best advice to keep it that way is to:

Keep leaves and other plant materials out of the lake. 

Do not use fertilizers where runoff could reach the lake or use no phosphorous or slow-release nitrogen. One pound of phosphates can produce over 10,000 lbs. of weeds and algae. 

Keep a greenbelt of vegetation between lawn and lake with plants that donít drop leaves. 

Remove dog, goose, and duck droppings. 

Do not feed the ducks and geese. 

Prevent any soil erosion into the lake.

Our annual cost for sampling and testing is $2385.  Map at the right shows the three locations on the lake that are sampled each three times per year.


Water Quality Parameters

Test Result History