Lake Treatment June 16th

Below is the treatment map for the lake. This is going to be a large treatment for milfoil. Larger than we have had in several years. The early warm weather and lower lake level has really let the milfoil emerge much earlier this year. And additional BAD NEWS is that the survey found the Starry Stonewort in the boat launch lagoon! As mentioned before, this has been present in Higgins and Houghton Lakes for several years. This is an algae, not a plant and requires a different treatment. It is more invasive than the milfoil as well. It will be treated aggressively.

June 16 Treatment Map


Lake Missaukee Improvement Board

The Lake Missaukee Improvement Board (LMIB) was formed at the end of 2004 at the urging of the Missaukee Lakes Association (MLA), when MLA was informed that the Eurasian Milfoil that was being treated in the county boat launch had spread to the main body of the lake. MLA had been paying for the treatment in the boat launch area for several years but the scope of the problem was now beyond the authority and resources of MLA.

The history of Houghton Lake’s problems with the milfoil led the MLA to believe if not treated quickly, the milfoil would form large mats that would interfere with recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, water skiing and boating. Houghton Lake ended up spending millions of dollars to control the milfoil. In August of 2009 the Board held a hearing to discuss extending the treatment for another 5 years.

The five-year improvement project consists of the control of invasive, exotic aquatic plants, plant control coordination, information dissemination, administration and contingencies.

Lake Missaukee Improvement Board
c/o City of Lake City
115 W. John St.
Lake City, MI 49651

Mimi Zwolak, Chair
Riparian Representative

Kathy Ostrander, Secretary/Treasurer
City of Lake City

Ben Wolford
Lake Township

Pat Bierens
Reeder Township

Gordon Haver
Caldwell Township

Roger Ouwinga
Missaukee County Commissioner

Jack McGee
Missaukee County Road Commission

Project Consultant:
Tony Groves, Progressive AE
1811 4 Mile Road, NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525-2442


Lake Missaukee Improvement Board Public Hearing 08-15-2020


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