The Missaukee Lake Improvement Board

The Lake Missaukee Improvement Board (LMIB) was established in 2004 at the urging of the Missaukee Lake Association (MLA). In accordance with Michiganís Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, the LMIB is composed of a representative from each of the townships bordering Lake Missaukee, a representative of the county road commission, a representative of the county board of commissioners, and a Lake Missaukee property owner. The primary objective of the LMIB is to control the spread of invasive, exotic plants in Lake Missaukee. Public hearings were held in 2014 and the Lake Missaukee Plant Control program was extended an additional five years (2015 to 2019).


Chuck Thomas, Chair
Lake Resident Representative

Nancy Girardot, Secretary
City of Lake City Representative

Susan Rogers, Treasurer
Missaukee County Board of Commissioners

Jack McGee
Missaukee County Road Commission

Ed Olson
Lake Township Representative

Pat Bierens
Reeder Township Representative

Gordon Haver
Caldwell Township Representative

2019 Treatment Maps

Eurasian Milfoil

Treatment Program Frequently Asked Questions

Lake Missaukee Depth Contour Map

Lake Missaukee Sediment Characteristics Map

Lake Missaukee Aquatic Vegetation Biovolume Map