Invasive Species - Lake Missaukee

Lake Missaukee has already been impacted by invasive species and the risk of additional infestations is ever present.  Links below to web pages from Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council provide great information on Eurasian Milfoil and Zebra Mussels, as well as other invasive species in Michigan lakes.

Eurasian Milfoil

Discovered in the County Park boat launch lagoon in 2001 and in the main body of the lake in 2004.  See IMPROVEMENT BOARD page for additional background on treatment.

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Hybridized Milfoil

 As early as the mid-1990s it was noticed that there was faster Eurasian Milfoil regrowth and less control with herbicides that were being used to kill Eurasian but not harm native Northern Milfoil.
Answer: the milfoil had hybridized.
Hybrid grows up to 2X faster than Eurasian and 3X as many branches.
Hybrid resistant to 2,4D unless concentration high enough to also kill native milfoil.
DNA testing needed to identify hybrid.
Of samples taken from 996 points on Houghton Lake, 90% were hybridized. Kill-off with 2,4D (or similar): Native Northern 27% Eurasian 93% Hybridized 24%

No Hybridized Milfoil is currently present in Lake Missaukee.


Zebra Mussel

Present in Lake Missaukee for several years now.  Most noticeable attached to boat lifts and dock stands.

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Report Invasive Species

Use the link below to report observations of new invasive species in Lake Missaukee.
Developed by Michigan State University
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