Our Goal

To promote and protect the environmental integrity of the lake through education, safety, and quality initiatives, and public awareness.

Our Focus

The global issues impacting the lake; water quality, wetland protection, weed control, environmental protection, and safety initiatives.

Our Members

Our members include lakefront property owners, those with lake access and anyone who is interested in the health and wellbeing of Lake Missaukee. Join us!

Water Quality

MLA has been funding the professional sampling and testing of water quality in Lake Missaukee since 1997. We are the only body (public or private) who does this.

Eurasian Milfoil

From 2000 to 2004 MLA paid for the treatment in the boat launch at the County Park, delaying its spread to the main body of the lake.

The Future

MLA members and officers continue to work with government and outside associations to assess the quality of our lake and take measures to protect it for many generations to come.

Missaukee Lake Association

MLA serves a unique mission in preserving and protecting Lake Missaukee. Since 1997, our members have been active in many initiatives.

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Water Quality Testing

Shorty after our founding, MLA embarked on an annual testing program (three sites, three times a year) to monitor key measurements that reflect the water quality of our lake.

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Invasive Species

Working with outside groups - professional, governmental, academic - MLA has been at the forefront of montoring new threats to Lake Missaukee.

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Lake Improvement Board

The Lake Improvement Board was formed in 2004 as a body able to levy taxes in order to support the efforts to control Eurasian Milfoil.

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Lake Level

Water levels in Lake Missaukee are regulated by law. An oulet on east side of the lake controls the maximum level of the lake.

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Annual Meeting

Learn more about your association's actvities, and have a voice in the future direction of MLA. Your investment is just 90 minutes on a Saturday morning.

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